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The Board of Directors of TIM is appointed on the basis of slates presented by  the shareholders or by the outgoing Board of Directors.

The bylaws state that the Board of Directors shall consist of no fewer than seven and no more than nineteen members, and be appointed on the basis of slates presented by shareholders who own at least 0.5% of the ordinary share capital or other proportion required by Consob.  

Slates that contain a number of candidates greater than or equal to three must also ensure that both genders are present.

Two thirds of the directors to be elected are chosen in the order that they appear on the slate that has obtained the largest number of votes, with rounding downwards to a whole number in case of a fraction. 

The remaining directors are drawn from other slates. The votes they obtain are subsequently divided by whole numbers from one up to the number of the directors to be elected, and the quotients obtained are assigned to the candidates on each slate in the order specified thereon. The quotients assigned in this way are set out in a single slate in decreasing order, and the candidates with the highest quotients are elected.

For further information on TIM Board of Directors appointment, read article 9 of the Bylaws.

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