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“TIM Challenge for Circular Economy” gets underway

The new initiative organised by TIM involves startups, SMEs and scaleups with the aim of identifying innovative solutions for a more efficient use of resources

11/24/2021 - 03:10 PM

Today is the launch of the ‘TIM Challenge for Circular Economy’ – TIM’s new call through TIMWCAP, to identify solutions which support the circular economy and are good for the planet. The challenge is aimed at startups, SMEs and scale-ups, which can submit their projects through TIM’s Open Innovation platform ( until 24 January 2022.

The proposed solutions must be able to effectively tackle one of the various types of waste and may relate to various business areas such as: special civil and industrial waste  management (batteries, end-of-life equipment, WEEE, wood, plastic, paper, glass, iron and steel); industrial and civil infrastructure (the fixed network, the mobile network, data centres, company offices); resources, materials and capital goods (network and server equipment, copper); and products intended for the end consumer (smartphones, phones, tablets, modems, decoders and other devices). 


Proposals will be assessed by a panel of judges made up of experts from the world of sustainability, innovation and ICT. The selected companies will then have the opportunity to negotiate a partnership with TIM, with the possibility of being fast-tracked onto the Group’s vendor list.

The “TIM Challenge for Circular Economy” is able to draw on the experience of TIM WCAP, the TIM Open Innovation Programme, which promotes business and collaboration opportunities with ready-to-market start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and scale-ups. It is also supported by the benefit corporation LifeGate, which is seen as a benchmark for sustainability in Italy with a community of 5 million people.


TIM WCAP is the TIM Group’s Open Innovation Programme, which encourages business opportunities and collaboration with startups, SMEs and scaleups through innovative solutions in line with TIM’s strategic plan in order to innovate the company’s portfolio of products and solutions. TIM WCAP operates in the main innovation hubs, to stay close to businesses across Italy, and promotes initiatives in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. 



SUSTAINABILITY IN THE TIM GROUP. As of 2020, the TIM Group is including measurable, multi-year environmental, social and governance objectives in its business planning. This way, TIM is ensuring the transparency of the choices it makes to create long-term value both for shareholders and for the community as a whole. TIM is listed on the sustainability indices of the main international rating agencies and is part of the MIB®️ ESG index launched by Euronext and Borsa Italiana to identify blue chip companies listed in Italy that adopt best practices in social, environmental and governance (ESG) areas. TIM placed its first 1-billion-euro sustainability bond in early 2021.


Rome, 24 November 2021


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