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TIM rewards the winners of the ‘Noovle Cloud Challenge’

Best cloud and AI projects selected from a pool of over 650 participants


The winners of the ‘Noovle Cloud Challenge’ were announced today at Officine Grandi Riparazioni in Turin. The challenge is promoted by TIM, through cloud company Noovle, to select the best young promising talents in the fields of cloud technology and Artificial Intelligence.

It is a TIM open innovation initiative which attracted a great deal of interest: from the 650 businesses operating in a variety of innovation ecosystems and investment funds, over 90 were selected and 41 of these admitted to the final stage. The winners were Italian companies ASC27 and Aindo, and Romanian company Bunnyshell.

The winning will be able to access the partnership programme set up by TIM, Noovle and Google Cloud for Digital Players, which offers resources and tools to expand and enhance their business, consolidating the collaboration between companies for the development of use cases and innovative solutions.

The aim of the challenge was to identify the most innovative businesses that could exploit the potential of the Cloud and Artificial Intelligence to offer solutions in various areas: E-Health, to improve the efficiency and management of services along the health supply chain; Sustainability, to reduce CO2 emissions and the use of fossil fuels; Containerisation, to support a cloud architecture based on microservices.

The venue for the event, known as the OGR, is also the headquarters of the Centre of Excellence for Cloud and Artificial Intelligence, opened last December by Noovle, Google Cloud and Intesa Sanpaolo as part of the Opening Future project, designed to increase the digital skills of citizens, students, start-ups and businesses.


Turin, 14 July 2022 


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