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INWIT: dividend policy 2016

(based on FY15 Results)



03/15/2016 - 08:44 PM

The Board of Directors held on March 11th 2016 proposed the distribution of dividend, in the amount of 9.45 euro cents per share, for each of the 600,000,000 ordinary shares outstanding as at the coupon date, for a total amount of 56.7 million euros, carrying forward the residual part of net income, equal to 6.2 million euros.

The dividends will be paid to the right holders, based on the evidence of the stocks’ deposit accounts at the end of the accounting date on May 24th 2016 (record date), from May 25th 2016, while the coupon date is planned to be May 23rd 2016.

This proposal is consistent with the objective to optimize the corporate capital structure and, at the same time, to maintain a high financial flexibility.  


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