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Telecom Italia supports "Io amo Internet"

Competition launched in conjunction with Wired Italia to create the web’s first video-manifesto online on ZOOPPA.com until September 30


07/23/2009 - 12:00 AM

Telecom Italia has chosen to give its support to “Io amo Internet” [I love Internet] (www.amointernet.it), the movement created to celebrate the Internet’s importance as an instrument of culture, progreess, business and communication in Italy.

Always committed to promoting innovation and technological culture in Italy, Telecom Italia has in fact decided to join the movement through which professionals and experts of the sector have mobilized virtually in favor of a free and responsible use of the web and, in cooperation with Wired Italia magazine, has launched an online competition to create the web’s first video-manifesto.

In fact, until September 30 people may enter the “Io amo Internet” contest, view the video brief recorded by Wired Italia director Riccardo Luna and declare their love for the web on ZOOPPA.com (www.zooppa.it/contests/io-amo-internet), the user generated advertising platform that is already home to 40,000 creative professionals throughout the world. The best ideas will be rewarded with prizes worth a total of $9,700.