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Telecom Italia: Starting tomorrow, technical assistance for fixed lines and Adsl will also be available on iPads and smartphones

Thanks to the “187 AT” application, downloadable free of charge from the Apple Store, online diagnosis and technical help for Telecom Italia fixed lines and ADSL will also be available via iPad and the main smartphones
Telecom Italia innovation continues with new caring channels to be closer to customers

12/14/2010 - 12:15 PM

It will now be easier to make a diagnosis of your phone line, to get online solutions to technical problems or ask for intervention by specialised Telecom Italia personnel.

From tomorrow, thanks to the 187 AT application, owners of iPads or the most widespread Smartphone equipped with the major operating systems like Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile, will be able to check the functioning of their Telecom Italia fixed phone and ADSL line.

The 187 AT, downloadable free of charge from Apple Store or from the link for smartphones, provides a simple and intuitive solution to needs for customer assistance through an integrated online diagnosis system for the fixed phone line, exploiting the potentials of technology for mobile customers. Already available for some months on the iPhone, the application allows all Telecom Italia customers to utilise technical assistance and directly handle, through any mobile operator, the reports on their fixed line and ADSL connection (further information on the service is available on the link:

The new technical assistance service forms part of the multiplatform Customer Care project launched by Telecom Italia in order to integrate the traditional call centers (119 dedicated to mobile consumer customers, 187 dedicated to fixed consumer customers and 191 dedicated to business customers) with new caring channels in the Group websites and in the social networks where specialised teams respond to questions and reports from “linkers” on the Telecom Italia, TIM and Impresa Semplice pages on Facebook as well as through the Twitter account.

With 187 AT, the client is at the centre of the assistance process for his or her phone line thanks to the use of guided instruction enabling the solution of the problem or the sending of a report, thus speeding up the process. With this initiative, Telecom Italia has again confirmed the willingness to establish an increasingly direct relationship with its customers, providing them with innovative relational and assistance channels, characterised by fast response.

Rome, 14 December 2010


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