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Telecom Italia launched high definition calls for mobile phones

The HD Voice service offers a higher quality of sound, improving the quality of mobile phone conversations and increasing the feeling of being face to face with the person you are talking with. The service will be available from February for all TIM clients who own 3G equipped mobile phones.

01/27/2011 - 02:39 PM

Telecom Italia will launch a new HD VOICE service which allows clients to receive High Definition calls, which offer higher voice quality than normal telephone calls.

This service will be available for all clients who own a 3G Smartphone at no further cost. The list of phones eligible for this service is available at www.tim.it

The service will be launched in February in all the major cities, and will then be expanded to the rest of the network, over the course of the month.

 TIM is the first telephone operator to launch a HD Voice service on the Italian market, once again confirming its status as leader in the markets of technological innovation and offers of evolved mobile phone services to its clients.

The High Definition call has required a series of interventions on the UMTS radio access nodes as well as on the mobile core network, because it utilizes audio band whose width is twice that required for normal calls from landlines and mobiles.

The HD VOICE service increases the acoustic spectrum of the voice transmitted through the mobile phones, increasing the naturalness and quality of the audio and reducing bank ground noises which are often present when a call is made in traffic or at a concert. With this new service the client will experience a purer quality of sound which will improve conversations. High Definition calling gives users the sensation that physical distance is annulled, offering levels of quality similar to a face to face conversation.

For highest quality the service should be used with TIM mobile phones which have undergone a careful certification process and which are marked with the HD VOICE logo.

Upon launching the service TIM will offer a number of Smartphone models which are HD VOICE enabled, and over the following months will progressively enrich its offer with new models from the most important phone producers.

For further information on TIM’s HD VOICE offer visit www.tim.it.


Rome, 27January 2011



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