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Telecom Italia launches “Un’Impresa da Trio”

An original advertising campaign featuring the Trio Medusa along with the entrepreneurs and professionals who chose Telecom Italia’s offers dedicated to small and medium businesses

04/21/2011 - 10:00 AM

Telecom Italia, with the Trio Medusa, encounters the entrepreneurs and professionals that have chosen Impresa Semplice and presents them to the public through an innovative advertising campaign. In fact, the offer dedicated to small and medium businesses dedicata alle Piccole and Medie Imprese is at the heart of “Impresa da Trio”, the unique advertising campaign in which the three comedians travel throughout Italy to  present the distinctive “red arm” to the entrepreneurs who have chosen the solutions and avanced technological services of Impresa Semplice.
With this campaign Telecom Italia puts its customers in the spotlight, showing their faces and presenting their activities,  more competitive than ever thanks to the Impresa Semplice offer dedicated to them.

The campaign will consist of 12 TV commercials to be aired on LA7 from April 25. “Un’impresa da Trio” will also be complemented by a billboard and press campaign in some of the cities of the selected businesses that will feature the Trio alongside the professionals they meet.  The first business to be featured in “Impresa da Trio” is Ecol Studio from Lucca, a company providing consulting and training in the field of ecosustainable development.

The campaign was created by ArmosiA. The commercials are directed by Nicola Prosatore, while the soundtrack is “Silent Life” by Bent.

Rome, 21 April 2011


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