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Telecom Italia brings the Medusa Trio to Nola with “Impresa Semplice”

Ideabellezza Franchising di Profumerie is the protagonist of the eighth part of the original advertising campaign “Un’Impresa da Trio”.

The spot aired on LA7 from 30 January 2012

01/27/2012 - 11:30 AM

The tour by Telecom Italia and the Medusa Trio throughout Italy to meet Italian business people and professionals who have chosen “Impresa Semplice” has stopped in Nola, making it know to the public with an innovative advertising campaign in which the clients are the protagonists. The offer dedicated to small and medium size enterprises is the focus of “A Trio Enterprise”, the special advertising campaign in which the three comedians give the “red arm” symbol to the business people who have chosen the technologically advanced solutions and services of “Impresa Semplice”.
After Lucca, Montesilvano, Nola, Pescara, Alba, Oderzo and Rome, “Un’Impresa da Trio” has come back to Nola to meet Alessandro Maiello – Director of Ideabellezza Franchising di Profumerie. The spot, on air on LA7 from 30 January, will be dedicated to TIM “Tuttocompreso”, the solution with a modular structure regarding functions and prices enabling customers to construct their own network, by choosing the components best suited to the company’s needs with regard to telephony, Internet access and company security surveillance.

Rome, 27 January 2012


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