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Telecom Italia: at “Libri come – celebration of books and reading” with “Librinellarete”, the series of encounters with great authors of books and new technologies

Four free live streaming appointments on how people read nowadays and how they’ll be able to read in the future. Carlos Ruiz Zafón, Salvatore Settis with Gian Antonio Stella, Clara Sánchez and Alessandro Baricco will chat with the web audience on

Visitors can try the new Biblet eReader and learn all about Telecom Italia’s eBook store, which offer more than 20 thousand titles from 290 different publishers, in the technological lounge set up in the foyer of the Auditorium

02/22/2012 - 03:40 PM

For the second year in a row Telecom Italia is the main partner of “Libri Come – Celebration of books and reading”, which is held at the Parco della Musica Auditorium in Rome from 8th to 11th March.

The event, produced by the Music Foundation for Rome, is an opportunity to promote the passion for books and to reflect on new means of cultural dissemination thanks to technological tools and the Internet.
At this edition Telecom Italia presents the “Librinellarete” series of encounters, which will be broadcast for free in live streaming on The initiative, subdivided into four appointments and hosted by Marino Sinibaldi, will involve important names in Italian and International culture and literature, such as Carlos Ruiz Zafón, Salvatore Settis, Gian Antonio Stella, Clara Sánchez and Alessandro Baricco, who will chat with the audience, starting with the different ways in which people read and moving on to the different ways they could read in the near future. The topics of “Librinellarete” vary from literature, art, culture, society up to the new frontiers of the digital world. All this to try and understand “How” technology can make it easier for every one of us to expand our knowledge. Four unique opportunities to understand what direction today’s writers are heading, but also to understand how reading enthusiasts will pursue their passion in the near future.

Furthermore, during the days of the Festival visitors will be able to “browse” the virtual version of their favourite books in the “technological lounge” in the Auditorium’s foyer. A great way to become more familiar with the world of ebooks and digital reading, thanks to the Telecom Italia ereader Biblet , which provides users with easy access to, one of the richest stores of the sector in Italy with over 20 thousand titles from 290 different publishers.

With these initiatives Telecom Italia confirms the value of the Internet as a great platform for cultural content and as an engine to bring people closer to knowledge through the use of new technological tools.

Rome, 22nd February 2012



Librinellarete. How we read today, how we’ll read in the future.

Hosted by Marino Sinibaldi.

Giovedì 8 marzo, ore 21 - Sala Petrassi

Carlos Ruiz Zafón. How I write my books. A conversation with Marino Sinibaldi.

Venerdì 9 marzo, ore 21 - Sala Petrassi

Dialogue between Salvatore Settis and Gian Antonio Stella. How to save beauty.

Sabato 10 marzo, ore 18 - Sala Petrassi

Clara Sánchez. How I write my books. Conversation with Brunella Schisa.

Domenica 11 marzo, ore 19 - Sala Petrassi

Alessandro Baricco. How I read and then wrote.

“Librinellarete” in live streaming and on demand on tunil 31st December 2012.


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