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Garibaldi is travelling with TIM on Milan's metro service

From the 6th March until the end of May, 2 underground trains will be styled with a TIM livery and the pictures of the three testimonials from the advertisements.

03/05/2012 - 03:50 PM

Starting from the 6th March, 2 trains from Milan's M1 and M2 underground lines will be branded both internally and externally by TIM, Telecom Italia's mobile phone brand.

Pictured on the trains will be TIM's colours along with images of the three testimonials featuring in the advertisements currently being broadcast. So Garibaldi, his mother and Anita will be ,so to speak, travelling with the people of Milan on the underground.

For the promotion the internal parts of the carriages will be dominated with posters, banners and suspended flyers, while the external part will be completely covered with a 385 square metre decoration.

Moreover, maps will be placed within the carriages pointing out the presence of TIM branches that can be found nearby the stops along the underground route. These maps will display the very appealing title : “Make a stop in TIM”

The promotion will last 3 months and will be dedicated to TIM's Internet Premium offers and to its Internet Usb key stick 42.2MB.

Milan, 5th March 2012


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