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Telecom Italia launches “Nuvola IT Hyperway”, the first product to combine connectivity services with cloud computing

Nuvola IT Hyperway is targeted at multi-location companies which need to develop a business data network.

03/12/2012 - 02:00 PM

Today Telecom Italia is launching on the Italian market “Nuvola IT Hyperway”, the first product for business capable of combining connectivity services with information technology provided through “Nuvola Italiana's” cloud computing.

The offer is targeted at multi-location companies which need to develop a business data network.

By using this solution a wide range of broadband access profiles of the “Hyperway” family can be combined with infrastructural IT services available within the “Nuvola Italiana” such as hosting, storage and virtual desktops. This is achieved in a dynamic way and can be tailored to meet the company's requirements.

“Nuvola IT Hyperway” allows companies to access symmetrical profiles of connectivity, (having analogous performances both in download and upload), with high capacities of transmission, in order to connect their national and international offices in a secure way and with a guaranteed level of service.

This initiative responds to the market's ever-increasing demands for flexible and efficient technological solutions which view the telecommunications network as a key provider of services.  

By combining network and information technology infrastructures, Telecom Italia's “Nuvola Italiana” distinguishes itself as the only cloud service with an internal network able to provide the necessary reliability and security to the business market. Moreover this product is able to guarantee the management of the service in end to end mode coupled with high quality standards.

This is achieved thanks to the provider's distinctive assets: 7 National data centres interconnected with a dedicated high speed network, highly specialized service centres able to provide the level of service its clients expect, and a cloud platform based on the latest virtualization technologies.  

In its first stage, the product's cloud solution catalogue includes the following infrastructural services provided according to the Iaas (Infrastructure as a service) cloud service model:

“Nuvola IT Data Space”, Telecom Italia's cloud storage space that allows the client to access his data on the move or from any pc, either on a “as a service” or “pay per use” basis;

Ospit@ virtuale, a virtual hosting solution capable of hosting the client's application software and of controlling and modifying the server's performance according to bandwidth, storage and calculation power requirements;

“Nuvola IT” virtual desktop, provides virtual desktops that can be fully customized by the user and accessed on the move from any device. A central management of the single desktop (setup, backup, patching etc.) is provided by Telecom Italia's data centres.

“Nuvola IT Hosting Evoluto Easypack”, a service of web hosting from Telecom Italia, is completely managed and orientated towards providing its clients with high levels of service capable of satisfying their pressing needs with monitoring and reporting functions right up to application level.

The client can select which services he wishes to integrate on the basis of the company's specific requirements : the greater the quantity of connectivity subscribed the higher the number of IT services that will automatically be included. A web specialist will assist the client in building and customizing a configuration capable of meeting his needs. Moreover a sole customer service point of contact will be able to supply support for each and every component of the offer.

Roma, 12th March 2012


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