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Telecom Italia partner of the enterprise city with “New Italians Grow”

On May fourth from five o’clock at the Antiruggine in Castelfranco Veneto (TV) ten young entrepreneurs will be interviewed by Beppe Severgnini, in live chat and live twitting with the audience of the interne.

04/24/2012 - 03:00 PM

For the fourth year in a row Telecom Italia is partner of the Enterprise City Festival, the event that recognises the central role played by the territory in the development of a new economic fabric, especially in the North East, which is a strategically important region for the nation’s economy and society.

The theme of the Festival scheduled in the Triveneto area from the second to the sixth of May is “The Idea Factories”, and it is meant to be a stimulus to help face the challenge of being competitive whilst incorporating the values of creativity, culture of quality, innovation and sustainability. Themes all very dear to Telecom Italia, which this year has once again accepted the Festival’s invitation providing the most modern multimedia technology to help spread and share the most interesting content from the Festival with the world of the Internet.

To mark the event Telecom Italia has created “New Italians Grow” in collaboration with the Nordesteuropa magazine, the Corriere della Sera broadsheet and Antiruggina. The initiative will see ten young entrepreneurs, “producers of the future” who have reinterpreted the Italian tradition of craftsmanship in a contemporary context, answering questions from reporter Beppe Severgini and sharing their ideas on enterprise and on how to overcome the current crisis. The appointment is set for Friday the fourth of May at 17.00 at the Antiruggine in Castelfranco Veneto (TV) and can be followed live in streaming exclusively on, and there will be a live chat for followers to participate in through Twitter using the #nuoviitalians hashtag.

All the latest news and insights on the protagonists are available on the mini website dedicated to the event (online from the 27th April), on the page and on the @telecomitaliaTw Twitter profile.

Furthermore Telecom Italia is partner of the “The Green Night of the Northeast”, which for the first time will simultaneously mobilize a vast area between Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino Alto Adige on the topic of green economy. The Telecom Italia Avoicomunicare blog will promote a series of initiatives to encourage socialisation on environmental, sustainability and green issues, including the live Twitting of the convention in Padova on the fifth of May which the Environment Minister Corrado Clini will take part in, with exclusive video-interviews with the Minister and the other speakers at the convention, and a special report “Sustainable Cities”.

The ten protagonists of the “New Italians Grow”

Filippo Berto - Berto Salotti (Monza, produces leather sofas for big companies. The first example of a corporate blog in the Italian furniture industry, with the first online video channel on YouTube and showcase on E-bay.  

Patrizia Bolzan e Marcello Pirovano - Tecnificio (Milano, synonym and antonym of artifice, Tecnificio is a place where design meets manual practices and digital experimentation.

Christian Grande  - Italia Veloce (Parma, creates custom-made, retro flavoured masterpiece bicycles, using vintage components. The best way to combine style and eco-sustainable travel.

Doriano Mattellone - W-Eye (Udine, creativity, craftsmanship and luxury meet the green philosophy in eyewear, through the innovative use of wood and aluminium to create a fully handmade product.

Angiolino Maule - VinNatur (Vicenza, unites winemakers from all over the world who are trying to preserve the individuality of wine from the homologation generated in the winemaking industry through the use of chemistry, technology and industrialisation.

Alessandro Molinari - Garage Design (Milano, never seen before designs created thanks to an International talent scouting system. The prototypes on the web-shop are only available for purchase once the minimum number of requests for financial sustainability is reached. No waste.

Zoe Romano - OpenWear (Milano, a virtual storefront where small producers, fashion designers, fashion photographers, stylists can improve their activities. The patterns are free to download for the members of the community.

Elena Santi - Opendesignitalia (Bologna, biennial event dedicated to self-produced and limited number production that aims to exploit the resources of the region and facilitate new commercial and financial circuits.

Alberto Tessaro - Enessere (Vicenza, a start-up specialised in research, development and engineering of micro-installations for clean energy. Among the companies strengths are the quick creation of prototypes and the flexibility in customization.

Nicola Zago - Sharazad (Verona): deals with social strategy and, through the use of collaborative platforms and lean thinking, intervenes in organisational processes. The integration of marketing, sales and communication are the company’s focal point.

Padova, 24th April 2012



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