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ASUS and Telecom Italia announce the PadFone’s launch on the Italian market

ASUS PadFone will be available tomorrow exclusively at TIM resellers

06/26/2012 - 12:30 PM

ASUS - a world leader leader and a main actor in the new digital era - and Telecom Italia are announcing the launch of the PadFone on the Italian market. It will available exclusively at TIM resellers across the country.

ASUS PadFone is a smartphone based on the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, it has a 4.3 inch multi-touch display and is also a tablet and notebook when used with the PadFone Station and PadFone Station Dock accessories respectively. Users can switch between the smartphone’s more compact display to the PadFone Station’s larger display and watch while the running applications adapt seamlessly from one device to the other and therefore enriching the contents and the structure of the onscreen information.

The new product satisfies user’s needs whose behaviours are changing and who now require more applications and services they can access from mobile devices. This trend has had an influence on the telecommunications sector pushing it towards the study of new business models while simultaneously pushing device producers towards devices which are “more connected” and capable of greater processing and storage performances. Smartphones, provide many services and are operating systems capable of running numerous applications of which they are considered drivers. The numbers sold of such devices are on the increase and ASUS has decided to target this specific market segment with a unique product.

Paolo Schirru, Telco and Commercial Business Manager at ASUSTeK said that It has been an ambitious project because the battle was being fought over applications, contents, gaming and new media. However the Asus PadFone is different from other devices because it is a hybrid, this makes it unique and capable of developing interesting economies of scale because it is born from an extremely flexible platform capable of working as a smartphone, tablet and notebook. Such flexibility guarantees accessible costs to users and producers and for this reason the company is sure the market will respond well. ASUS is glad that Telecom Italia is working together with them in placing such an innovative product on the market. The company believes it will be able to influence the evolution of the IT and Telecommunications sector giving new impulse to the concept of convergence.

Telecom Italia is a leader in offers for smartphones and tablets – said Fabrizio Gorietti, responsible for Telecom Italia’s Marketing Mobile Consumer - and has always paid attention towards technological and service innovation. It is proud to be able to offer such an innovative product such as the ASUS PadFone, capable of accessing broadband services as a smartphone, tablet or notebook.

Paolo Schirru concluded his speech by saying that the PadFone is not solely dedicated to consumers, PMI (Small and medium sized businesses) have recognized the importance behind IT infrastructure innovation as a means for growth and development and are looking for partners capable of providing support for the switch towards them with secure and reliable systems. ASUS is confident that the product will appeal to realities connected to the Italian textile industry such as small businesses and self-employed professionals.

Promotion details

ASUS PadFone will be sold from 26th June exclusively at TIM stores in its 16GB version complete with keyboard and can be bought on a monthly payment plan having a length of 30 months. It will have two price levels, when bought together with the Tutto Compreso 250-500-1000-1500 and Tutto Smartphone contracts.

When bought with the Tutto Compreso 250 contract and one of the two Internet contracts Internet Full or Full Maxi or with Tutto Smartphone ASUS PadFone will be sold for 25€ a month for 30 months.

TUTTO COMPRESO 250: monthly installment: 19€ (9€x12 months in case of MNP) including 250 minutes of calls towards everyone

Tutto Smartphone: monthly installment 10€ including 1GB of Internet use and a price plan of 9 €cent for calls and texts.

Alternatively, ASUS PadFone will be sold for 15€ a month for 30 months (299€ less than its retail price) when bought together with one of the Tutto Compreso 500-1000-1500 contracts and one of the two internet contracts Internet Full or Full Maxi.

TUTTO COMPRESO 500: monthly installment 29€ (19€x12 months in case of MNP) including 500 minutes of calls towards everyone

TUTTO COMPRESO 1000: monthly installment 49€ (29€x12 months in case of MNP) including 1000 minutes of calls towards everyone

TUTTO COMPRESO 1500: monthly installment 69€ (39€x12 months in case of MNP) including 1500 minutes of calls towards everyone

Full: monthly installment 10€ including 1GB of Internet use + 250 texts

Full Maxi: monthly installment 15€ including 2GB of Internet use + 1000 texts

Monthly installment: 0€ when bought with Tutto Compreso Unlimited that has a monthly installment of 129€ per month (99€x12 months in case of MNP) including 3000 minutes of calls towards everyone, 3000 texts, 3GB of Internet use, 200 minutes of both incoming and outgoing roaming, 100MB of Internet use while roaming, 100 minutes of international calls and a subscription to an online newspaper for 30 months.


High resolution images of the product are available in the Asus download area at: www.press-portal.it.

For more information visit: www.asus.it

ASUS, is one of the top three worldwide vendors of portable PCs and a leader in the production of motherboards which are the most sold and that have received the most awards. It is one of the most successful companies of the new digital era. ASUS is a quality brand and offers solutions capable of satisfying the most diverse needs from the Office segment to that of personal devices and digital home with a vast portfolio of products that includes netbooks, GPUs, optical drives, desktop PCs, servers, wireless and networking solutions.

During 2011 ASUS received 3886 recognitions from the press firmly establishing itself on the global market and, with the launch of the Eee PC™, revolutionizing the PC market with a new product category. In the past two years independent research has qualified ASUS as the n° 1 PC producer for reliability. This confirms the company’s effort towards technological excellence and the build-quality of its products. With over 11,000 employees, a cutting-edge R&D department with 3,100 engineers, ASUS closed the 2010 year with a turnover of USD 10.1 Billion.


Per further information of photographic material:

Tania Acerbi – Sara Argentina

Prima Pagina Comunicazione

Via Ciro Menotti 11

20129 Milano

e-mail: asus@primapagina.it

Tel. +39 02 76118301

Fax +39 02 76118304

Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI), 26th June 2012


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