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Telecom Italia and League Series A: “football belongs to those who love it”, the new TIM campaigns where children are the main protagonists

08/24/2012 - 12:00 PM

With the start-up of the new football season, TIM – the main sponsor of Series A and of the TIM Cup - and League Series A have renewed the brands marking the League championship matches and events, and the related television programmes, launching a new format in which children are the protagonists.

“Football belongs to those who love it”, runs the claim in the advertising spot, produced by Leagas Delaney Italia; here, the protagonist is pure enthusiasm for football, told through the joyful and carefree attitude of children. For them, the major champions are really heroes whose movements, ways of celebrating and sometimes even their haircut are something to be imitated. The message of the campaign is highlighted by the well-known musical piece “Heroes” by David Bowie, chosen as the sound track. 

With the new campaigns, TIM and League Series A are with the fans and enthusiasts, expressing a message that highlights the values of sport, stressing in this case that the game of football is able to convey strong, health principles, thus becoming a major element for social aggregation. 

For the 15th consecutive season, TIM, the Telecom Italia brand in mobile telephony, is the official sponsor of Series A TIM and of all the competitions organised by League Series A.

Rome, 24 August 2012



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