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Telecom Italia: launch of the “La tua spesa in sede” (Your shopping in the office) service, offered in collaboration with coop – Unicoop Tirreno

It will be possible for employees to order their shopping and have it delivered directly to the workplace.  

The initiative is part of the People Caring project, launched by Telecom Italia to promote the work-life balance of its employees.

03/11/2013 - 11:00 AM

Telecom Italia launches “La tua spesa in sede” (Your shopping in the office), an initiative for its employees to reconcile work with family commitments, in collaboration with COOP – Unicoop Tirreno.

In this first phase the service will be available in the Telecom Italia offices in via Pietro de Francisci, in Rome, with the aim of extending it, soon, to the other company premises throughout Italy.

It will be possible to order groceries by connecting directly to the website, of by using a mobile phone with NFC technology to select from the proposals shown in special folders on the company website.

The service offers a vast array of products with the guarantee that they are of the same quality, freshness and price as in the shop. Once an order has been completed, a Unicoop Tirreno staff member will collect the products straight off the shelves of the COOP hypermarket in Euroma 2, paying great attention to intact packaging, best-by dates and bag preparation. So chemical products will be separated from foodstuffs, and fresh or frozen products will be placed in special packaging.

The shopping will be delivered from a van with special compartments to ensure that the “chain of freshness” is maintained until the moment they are collected, which may be done at the end of the working day at the entrance to the company offices.

Payment may be made on-line by Credit Card and the amount will only be debited after the shopping has actually been delivered.

To join this initiative, just sign up to the “La tua Spesa in sede” service by company email, on the website dedicated to Telecom Italia Group staff, and try out one of the most innovative and advanced services in Italy.  

This new initiative is part of Telecom Italia’s  broader People Caring project, the main objective of which is to promote the work life balance of its employees, and for Unicoop Tirreno it represents the start of a pilot project that will deliver shopping directly to workplaces, as an evolution of the e-commerce service it already offers in Rome, with delivery of products to the home for residents inside the great ring road GRA.

Rome, 11 March 2013


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