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Telecom Italia: on air the new commercial to launch “Tutto”, the offer with unlimited internet and calls from home to all mobile phones

The offer includes a promotion dedicated to those who switch to Telecom Italia

09/10/2013 - 06:15 PM

The new Telecom Italia commercial dedicated to the new offer “Tutto” airs today, starring Chiara who plans to organize a big party at her new house with her friends.

There are many calls to make for the invitations and thanks to “Tutto” by Telecom Italia it is possible to make unlimited calls from fixed lines to all mobile phones.

“Tutto” is the new offer by Telecom Italia which includes the traditional line and allows unlimited calls to all fixed lines and all national mobile phones with no connection fee, unlimited Internet up to 7 Mega and 300 text messages per month from webmail to all mobile phones.

In particular, for customers who switch to Telecom Italia by 31 December 2013, the monthly plan is discounted for the first 12 months: €29/month instead of €44.90; for new customers and for those who have not yet chosen flat ADSL services the monthly plan is discounted for the first 6 months. In addition, until 31 December 2013 activation of “Tutto” is free.

The commercial ends with the images of a big party where all the guests are enjoying themselves - to the unleashed sounds of "Let's dance" in the original version by David Bowie - except for the neighbour who storms in to point out the effects of the high volume with Neapolitan irony.

Creativity by Mortaroli&Friends, directed by Alessandro D'Alatri and production by Think Cattleya.

Rome, 10 September 2013


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