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City of Arzachena and Telecom Italia: the new TIM 4g network reaches the city

As of today the Sardinian municipality can avail itself of the new TIM services based on the ultrabroadband network which allows connections of up to 100 Mb/s with smartphones and tablets

The initiative is part of Telecom Italia's project to develop the 4G network at national level, currently already operating in 745 towns and cities (16 of which are in Sardinia), providing coverage of over 53% of the population, increasing to 80% by 2016

07/07/2014 - 12:50 PM

As of today Arzachena is among the leading Italian municipalities to be equipped with the new TIM 4G mobile network, now fully operational for the benefit of private citizens and businesses. The important infrastructure project, which brings mobile ultrabroadband services to the Sardinian town, was presented today by Alberto Ragnedda, Mayor of Arzachena, and Roberto Baccini, Head of Development  Area  for Central Italy  of Telecom Italia.

For the creation of the new generation mobile network, already operating in the locations of Baia Sardinia, Cala di Volpe, Cannigione, Capo Ferro and Porto Cervo the collaboration with the Municipal authorities was crucial, as it enabled work to be carried out in full compliance with the agreed timescale. 13 Tim 4G radio base stations have been activated, thus reaching a population coverage of almost 97%. A further 3 stations boasting this technology will come into service soon and contribute to improving performance even further.

This initiative confirms TIM's leadership in 4G: the new generation LTE (Long Term Evolution) network is in fact already operational in 745 Italian towns and cities, providing outdoor coverage of over 53% of the nation's population, increasing to around 80% by 2016. In Sardinia, TIM 4G is already up and running in 16 municipalities.

The commercial launch of TIM's LTE-based services in Arzachena is the result of major investments made by Telecom Italia to create the new 4G network in the city. This confirms the company's intention to develop increasingly modern networks offering new technologically advanced services to meet the needs of citizens and the growing amount of traffic generated by mobile phones, dongles, smartphones and tablets.

As of today, the new LTE technology smartphones, tablets, dongles and modems are available for purchase in Arzachena with dedicated data offers (at the TIM Shop in Viale Costa Smeralda 33). Thanks to the LTE technology, which offers download speeds of 5-10 times higher than that of the HSPA network at 14.4 Mbps and more than double that offered by HSPA at 42 Mbps, TIM customers can take advantage of performance and service levels that significantly improve internet browsing and allow the use of innovative content on the move, such as HD video streaming.

Tomorrow, 2 July, it will be possible to discover the potential of TIM's LTE network at the gazebo located in Piazza Risorgimento in Arzachena, until 1 pm, where TIM will provide 4G devices to experience the speed of mobile ultrabroadband.

“Telecom Italia, as part of its investment plan, has decided to allocate a significant amount to the development of its fourth-generation mobile network (LTE)” states Roberto Baccini, Head of Development Area for Central Italy of Telecom Italia. “This is an ambitious project which, within 2016, is expected to reach 80% of the Italian population with its LTE mobile network. This initiative too confirms Telecom Italia as the driving force of local innovation. The creation of infrastructure and especially the deployment of services they enable can provide a major boost to sustainable growth in the local economy and to improving quality of life for local people. In particular, ultrabroadband services such as LTE, allow users to share the beauty of places, with simplicity and immediacy, through photos and videos pooled on Social Networks. This can also be an additional vehicle to promote tourism to this beautiful Land".

“We recognize the importance of this innovation, that will project us into the future of communications, thanks to Telecom Italia that wanted to invest in the territory of the municipality of Arzachena with the aim of offering the new generation networks to our community” stated  Alberto Ragnedda, Mayor of Arzachena. We are aware that this new technology will bring many practical advantages in everyday life. "Modern times" require increasingly efficient infrastructures and Telecom is giving concrete answers to the Country's most important cities, also including, as of today, Arzachena".


Arzachena, 1 July 2014 


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