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Telecom Italia and ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities): agreement for the experimentation of innovative services dedicated to smart cities

The “Città 3.0” programme foresees the start-up of experimental services for energy and urban monitoring, environmental sustainability and communication with citizens and tourists in four Italian cities

08/07/2014 - 12:00 PM

ANCI and Telecom Italia have signed a memorandum of understanding for the start of the “Città 3.0” programme, which envisages the experimentation of innovative services for smart cities in four Italian cities.

The initiative aims to offer technological solutions supporting the territory, capable of increasing the competitiveness of local authorities, improving the quality of life of citizens, benefiting a greater sustainability.

Telecom Italia will make available to the four cities identified by ANCI experimental platforms developed in its research centres and created for energy monitoring, environmental sustainability, as well as new generation systems based on Big Data to detect urban phenomena and behaviour trends on the occasion of big events.

The experimentation also includes solutions based on SIM Cards, which become the access key to the management of services ranging from digital identity in the field of e-government and health, to those possible with Mobile Wallet, the system that enables a smartphone to be used both as an electronic wallet and as an instrument for everyday use for services such as transport and parking. Smart street furniture integrated with the surrounding environment and personal devices to facilitate communication between public authorities and citizens.

With this agreement ANCI continues its activity to support innovation in a municipal context, also though public-private partnerships on a pre-competition level aimed at making high value expertise and experimentation available to the municipalities.

The four cities initially involved in the programme are Benevento, Lecce, Piacenza and Pordenone, identified from among the members of the ANCI National Smart City Observatory which have made their urban context available for carrying out the experiments. The chosen municipalities will actively collaborate in defining the objectives and functions of the services, to then present them as study and excellence cases on a national level to be circulated through the Observatory's activities.

Rome, 7 August 2014


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