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Telecom Italia launches the first Call Centre accessible to deaf people

The “Pedius” App allows calls to TIM and Telecom Italia call centres using voice recognition and synthesis technologies

10/24/2014 - 12:15 PM

From today TIM and Telecom Italia call centres become accessible to deaf people. This new method of interaction is made possible by the Pedius APP, available for both Apple and Android, which allows people to call 187 and 119 using voice recognition and synthesis technologies. The application puts the customer in direct contact with the call centre, transforming the operator's voice into written text.

Pedius is a communication system designed by the Neapolitan Lorenzo Di Ciaccio, who obtained a grant worth 25,000 euros as part of the 2013 TIM#WCAP programme. The project was developed, as an entrepreneurial idea, at the Working Capital accelerator in Rome, with the guidance of a venture capitalist team, entrepreneurs and innovators in a training path that lasted 3 months. 

Rome, 24 October 2014


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