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TIM launches the Navigare Sicuri (Surf Safe) app for safer use of the web

The app was created for children, parents and teachers in collaboration with the police and is available in Android and iOS stores from today, to mark Safer Internet Day

02/07/2017 - 11:45 AM

To mark Safer Internet Day (SID), the international day that draws attention to the risks of the internet decreed by the European Union, TIM has today launched  Navigare Sicuri (Surf Safe), an app developed to teach children about using the web in a safer way, and to make parents and teachers more aware of the importance of digital education. The application, created by TIM in collaboration with the police, has the dual purpose to make children aware of the issue and to provide adults with digital skills they can pass on to children, while also highlighting the educational and social potential of the internet.

Navigare Sicuri is one of TIM’s many initiatives on these issues, as evidenced by its membership of the Alliance to Better Protect Minors Online (the International Alliance to ensure children’s safety on the net launched today by the European Commission), and its participation in “Una vita da social” (a social media life), the touring educational campaign on on-line safety delivered by the specialised police force for postal and communication services.

“Children are often on their own when using digital tools, and so it is important that they are prepared to deal with the risks and understand the opportunities offered by the internet world - stated Marcella Logli, Head of Corporate Shared Value at TIM - . The aim of this app is to help children to use the web in a mature and informed way, while helping parents and teachers to fulfil their role of supervising and educating their kids. Because acting on all three aspects, in a coherent and synergic way, is fundamental for children to develop truly healthy and balanced relationships on the internet”.

Navigare Sicuri can be downloaded free of charge from Android  and iOS stores. It has three sections: Children's Area, Parents’ Area and Teachers’ Area

  • The Children’s Area explains 10 basic rules for the aware and safe use of the internet and social networking sites, through cartoons and minigames, which allow children to learn in an enjoyable way, and experience the risks without living them directly.
  • The Parents’ Area contains advice and suggestions that enable adults to explain the rules of safe surfing to children, and also provides tools to prevent the risks that they are exposed to on the internet, and a guide that will help parents to learn the steps to take to response to situations of danger arising from misuse of social networking sites;
  • The Teachers’ Area provides material that can be used for real lessons, such as exercises, questionnaires and multiple choice questions to check learning, summaries of topics linked to the stores that explain the 10 rules of safe surfing.

Navigare Sicuri is part of #ilfuturoèditutti, the TIM group's programme of CSV initiatives to create value shared between the Telecom Italia Group and the community in which it does business.

Rome, 7 February 2017


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