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TIM boosts Digital Transformation launching a new partnership with Microsoft on Artificial Intelligence

04/19/2018 - 09:38 AM

Artificial Intelligence as a lever of digital transformation for the best customer experience: this is the goal of the new partnership launched between TIM and Microsoft, adding to the long-standing partnership between the two groups and aimed at fostering TIM’s digital transformation in Italy and Brazil.


Using Data Analytics and Big Data, the companies will develop innovative tools for tailor-made products and services to enhance TIM’s offer and favour best-in-class Customer Experience, at the same time allowing for efficiencies on internal processes. The range of use cases is extensive: digital customer interactions through chatbots for immediate and focused assistance; improved traditional customer care leveraging on advanced analytics and cognitive capabilities; optimization of the processes in customer service and technical assistance.

The new technologies will be a key enabler of the DigiTIM plan: specifically, the enhancement of digital touchpoints with the introduction of Apps and Interactive Voice Response to simplify the relation with the customer. For instance, the Microsoft Azure cognitive services with its virtual assistants led by AI will drive TIM’s customers through a fully digital experience.

“The present agreement is a step forward in DigiTIM’s strategy, strongly committed to providing digitization of all processes to dramatically enhance the digital experience for best in class customer engagement and to create an effective digital journey. Today we confirm once again our restless commitment to the execution of the Industrial Plan, of which Artificial Intelligence is a key pillar”, said Amos Genish, TIM Chief Executive Officer.

“Every day Artificial Intelligence is becoming more beneficial to businesses across the world,” said Jean-Philippe Courtois, Executive Vice President and President, Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing & Operations at Microsoft. “We welcome TIM’s decision to adopt the Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Platform for integration across all their business segments. Adoption of this platform will enable TIM to deliver customized digital assistance via their contact centers, enhancing mobility and connectivity to exceed customer needs.”


Rome, 19 April 2018



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