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TIM: Maneskin's ‘I Wanna Be Your Slave’ is the soundtrack to the new commercial dedicated to ‘MAGNIFICA Mobile’

New offer launched to surf the fastest ever TIM 5G network with its own dedicated customer service

02/02/2022 - 12:30 PM

TIM has chosen music by Maneskin as the soundtrack to the new commercial launched during the Italian Music festival in Sanremo. The commercial is dedicated to MAGNIFICA Mobile, the new offer available for customers to surf the TIM 5G network and benefit from a dedicated customer service. A constant supporter of Italian excellence around the world, TIM has picked the most successful band of the moment and its ‘I wanna be your slave’ hit as the soundtrack to its upcoming commercials.

MAGNIFICA Mobile is the total smartphone solution that allows users to surf the net with the extraordinary speed and performance of TIM's 5G network, with a stable and secure connection and a dedicated support service in TIM stores and by dialling 119. The offer also includes unlimited minutes and texts, as well as 100 GB in 5G, unlimited for customers who also have a TIM landline at home.

In the commercial, a smartphone character opens the doors to an immersive and highly innovative experience offered by the TIM network outdoors. A car whizzing past on a snow-covered rally track symbolises the speed of TIM's 5G, a digital shield protects the device by making a meadow of flowers blossom, reminding us how secure it is to surf the TIM network. While a long red carpet that crosses a crowded gallery, leading to the brand new store in Piazza Gae Aulenti, Milan, symbolises the maximum performance of the TIM network and the dedicated support available in TIM stores and by dialling 119.

TIM's 5G service is currently being deployed and is available in some areas of the cities covered and on enabled devices. Find out more at


Rome, 2 February 2022


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