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Olivetti launches new digital services for SMEs

01/29/2016 - 01:30 PM

Olivetti presents two new services for managing documents and print workflows, aimed at SMEs and based on new innovative digital technologies: Olibox and Remote Print Accounting. The launch of the new solutions is part of the process of evolution of Olivetti's business model, increasingly geared towards the development of “smart” products and services making use of Cloud and Big Data technologies and more advanced enabling platforms, also with a view to the “Internet of Things”.

Specifically, Olibox is the service for managing documents, files and information which, thanks to a research method based on Big Data, enables all types of content to be stored and indexed, making them immediately accessible without the need for prior classification. The solution uses a simple and immediate research method based on words of interest and associating each document with a score connected to the relevance of the content with respect to the rules specified. Moreover, Olibox natively offers automated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functions for indexing scanned or photographed documents. The solution can be used to manage and store administrative documents (e.g. orders, invoices and contracts), correspondence and e-mails, technical documentation (surveys, minutes and reports), as well as documents already managed through shared folders and file sharing systems or stored on the individual PCs of the users. The service, which can be immediately activated and ready for use, enables to use a single system offering high security when storing company information.

Remote Print Accounting (RPA) is Olivetti's Cloud platform which allows businesses to benefit from the potential of Managed Print Services (MPS) and online communication without the need for substantial initial investments. The solution, already widespread in medium-large companies, allows the reduction of printing costs and an increase in productivity: it combines the characteristics of Managed Print Services with the requirements of small and medium enterprises and provides advanced accounting features (control and recording of costs), tracking (tracking of printing and copying activities), rule-based printing, “follow you” (user identification system that makes it possible to recover documents and print from almost any device connected to the cloud infrastructure), allowing the authentication of each device with flexible options and a single print workflow. The Cloud infrastructure, moreover, allows the platform to be used at the maximum speed ensuring data privacy.

Olivetti (100% Telecom Italia SpA) operates in the ICT market. Thanks to its wide range of state of the art SW and HW products, it acts as a Solution Provider, offering solutions that can automate business processes and activities for SMEs, major companies and vertical markets. Olivetti has a commercial presence in over 50 countries worldwide, mainly in Europe, the Far East and Latin America.


Rome, 29 January 2016


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