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Olivetti: The NETTUN@ Cloud, the virtual cash register makes its debut

Olivetti has launched the new application, which permits remote access to the cash register via the “cloud” and constant monitoring of sales performance and business trends, on the Italian market.

The innovative cloud solution is one aspect of the process of evolution of Olivetti’s business model, increasingly oriented towards the development of smart products and solutions based on IoT technologies.

07/25/2016 - 12:00 PM

Olivetti presents Nettun@Cloud, the first solution that permits remote access by business operators to their cash register from any device – PC, tablet or smartphone – with the possibility of monitoring sales performance and business trends.

The launch of the new application on the Italian market is part of the process of evolution of Olivetti’s business model, increasingly oriented towards the development of smart services and solutions using Cloud and Data Analytics technologies and the most advanced IoT-based enabling platforms. 

Nettun@Cloud, the first solution dedicated to conventional cash registers, is intended to promote a significant transformation of the retail world, exploiting Olivetti’s particular characteristics: from know-how acquired in the sector of cloud solutions to excellent technical features (various connectivity options, proprietary firmware, protocols for integration with retail and hospitality applications and with latest generation web service), to the distinctive design of the machine aligned with the company’s century-long tradition.

Nettun@Cloud uses a set of concise indicators to display business trends with easy-to-read graphics; from sales data (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) to the number and average value of sales slips, up to and including sales by article, operator, department, time slot and type of customer and payment.

With a complete set of information at their fingertips, business operators can rapidly adapt sales strategies, update the prices and price-lists of their products and launch promotional activities to increase sales. Use of the cloud permits more immediate control of sales and faster reaction in order to improve results.

Nettun@Cloud will also permit direct interaction with administration or with own tax consultant who, according to a two-sided platform approach, will be able to receive significant accounting information for constant checking of budget trends

Lastly, the solution also ensures consistency in time of the data of each machine through periodic automatic backups in addition to the complete security guaranteed by the infrastructures that regulate technological processes.

Nettun@Cloud is available with the range of touch-screen based products through the network of Olivetti dealers present all over Italy.


Milan, July 25 2016


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