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Over 1,450,000 hours: this is the number of training hours  provided in TIM Group during 2019 financial year.

Training programs were split among the employees, managers and directors so that everyone benefited, covering 96.5% of whole stuff.

The Group invested 10 million euros in training courses in 2019, equal to a cost of 173.43 euros per capita. The value shown only takes into account the amount spent on training courses and does not include the personal benefit obtained by course participants and the positive impact on TIM’s performance. The training courses are therefore worth more than they cost to deliver.

Training must undoubtedly consider the fact that technological evolution of infrastructures and market challenges associated with developing innovative services, plus the transformation of the telecommunications sector into digital business models, are profoundly changing the labour market.

In Italy, through the TIM Academy, systems and methods of acquiring, disseminating, sharing and managing knowledge were strengthened and developed in 2019 to encourage organizational learning and improve skills in the changing technological and business context.

In August 2019 an Expansion Contract was signed with the trade unions and the Ministry of Labour, under which all TIM employees will be involved in a training and retraining plan broken down into individual projects, so they can acquire new and wider technical and professional skills.

In this context, at TIM, the training and skill developing activities aim to:

  • reskill and improve professionalism
  • develop the new skills needed to transform the telecommunication sector
  • empower and strengthen our managerial profile 
  • define individual development plans
  • establish development and engagement plans

In Brazil, as for the domestic market, the purpose and the commitment of TIM Brasil in 2019 has been to support the evolution and the transformation of the Company toward the Digital Telco Model. Specific focus on new capabilities development as well as a strong effort in improving skills alignment in the operations departments has been developed throughout the year.

The approach has been to strengthen and spread digital and social learning approach as well as developing specific blended program for selected target and themes.




TIM Academy is our corporate university to generate and disseminate new skills, share knowledge from different sectors and continue with the process of digital transformation in education.