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The suppliers selection process

Suppliers are registered in the Group Suppliers Register following a pre-contractual qualification stage in which they are assessed in terms of their

  • economic and financial aspects,
  • technical and organisational aspects.

This evaluation includes assessments of their business ethics and respect for Human Rights, workers’ rights and environmental credentials.

The products and services we buy must fulfil specific requirements in terms of

  • functionality;
  • quality;
  • safety;
  • respect for the environment, in full compliance with current laws and regulations.

Furthermore, all contracts require suppliers to accept the principles stated in the Group's Code of Ethics and Conduct.

As regards compliance with the principles of the Code of Ethics, Italian suppliers who receive orders of significant value (the threshold is 3,000 euros per year in total) undergo an initial selection and are subject to periodic checks.

It must also be underlined that, for the employees of organisations which supply security guard services in Italy, the Consolidated Law on Public Security must be complied with, in particular article 138, subsection 2, which specifies the professional and training requirements of sworn guards. In Brazil, law 7102/83 establishes the rules relating to private security; among other things, it provides that all those intending to be hired as security guards for a security business must have attended a training course, delivered by schools accredited by the Federal Police. After hiring, once every two years the guards must take an update course.

" … fundamental Human Rights (e.g. working hours, equal pay, minimum age to enter the world of work, workplace conditions, accessibility for disabled people, protection of maternity, prohibition of harassment, forced/compulsory/bonded labour)... and ...health and safety rights ...must be guaranteed for people within the Group and the human resources of suppliers. "

TIM Group Human Rights Policy

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