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TIM joins Open-es

For a more sustainable production chain

09/29/2022 - 12:19 PM

TIM has joined Open-es, the system alliance for the sustainable development of production chains. Thanks to the Open-es digital platform, we will be able to measure and monitor the sustainability performance of our suppliers, accelerate the sustainable transformation of the Group's supply chain and increasingly direct our purchasing processes towards achieving our decarbonisation goals.

The sustainable transformation of the supply chain - which we are pursuing by introducing and strengthening ESG standards in all phases of the procurement process - will make a decisive contribution to the achievement of our decarbonisation targets, in particular the 47% reduction by 2030 of Scope 3 emissions - i.e. indirect emissions from goods and services purchased for the operation of our own business - and the zeroing of all direct and indirect emissions from business and supply chain activities (Net Zero) by 2040.

Open-es, launched in 2021 by Eni in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group and Google Cloud, today unites around 7,600 companies from 66 industrial sectors. It represents an important ecosystem of the Italian and international industrial fabric, designed to offer concrete and useful tools to businesses to help them to improve their sustainability across their supply chains.