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Fondazione TIM supports Ukraine

Real help for the WHO and PHM

06/20/2022 - 03:40 PM

Fondazione TIM, led by President Salvatore Rossi and General Manager Giorgia Floriani, have decided to donate $2 million to the World Health Organization’s People's Health Movement programme for the health of migrants and refugees of the crisis in Ukraine.

The TIM Foundation’s mission is to improve people’s living conditions by contributing to initiatives from non-profit organisations. That is why it decided to support the World Health Organization and, particularly, the programme associated with the crisis in Ukraine, which will be divided into several actions:

  • Coordinate the health response to refugees and migrants around the globe, in the region and in neighbouring countries, collaborating with Member States, other UN agencies, the Red Cross, and NGO partners.
  • Map out and propose actions to ensure that COVID-19 services extend to refugee populations, including vaccinations, testing, and medical care, collaborating with all relevant partners.
  • Continue to provide technical and strategic support to Member States as needed, prioritising the results of national healthcare system assessments and managing sudden influxes of forcibly displaced people.
  • Help to strengthen systems for managing healthcare information and monitoring mechanisms as needed in the countries bordering Ukraine and possibly in other countries.

With this gesture, the TIM Foundation strongly supports an authoritative organisation like the WHO with immediate aid and assistance in the medium-long term.