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TIM Green, the story of a team at work

xWe have interviewed Quang Ngo Dinh, Head of the marketing of TIM products and services for individuals and families , which recently launched TIM Green, a line of products and services developed eco-sustainably, enabling customers to make responsible choices, to reuse and recycle materials and products.

09/22/2020 - 11:20 AM



Will you tell us what TIM Green is in just a few words?

TIM Green identifies a new course launched by TIM comprising a number of sustainability actions. This course will affect all areas of the offer, from products and services created with care over using sustainable materials, through  planning offers designed to optimise energy consumption in our homes, to correct management of the end of a product’s life.

In practice, how do sustainable products differ from other ones? 

All the components in our TIM Green products are based on energy efficiency principles, even their packaging; reducing use of materials to a minimum, preferring eco-compatible, recycled and recyclable materials. Moreover, their design simplifies separation of the various parts to further increase the possibility of reusing them when they have to be disposed of. 

What made you decide to implement actions going from offering green products and services, to using a sustainable SIM card and the commercial offer of reconditioned smartphones?

In our 2020-2022 Plan, sustainability is a fundamental value measuring our ability to deal with the future. We want to support and sustain our customers’ care for the environment. So we began with modems, designing solutions that could limit energy consumption as much as possible. We have recently added reconditioned smartphones to our price lists – available in our shops and on the website – allowing us to save 55 kg of CO2 for each smartphone sold (value needed to produce a new one) without sacrificing the TIM certified quality guarantee.

Our newest creation is the green SIM card; it is much smaller than in the past (half the size) and is 60%  recycled plastic. We took care over its packaging, made of biodegradable material, and the brochure was resized and printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper, produced under an internationally recognised forest certification system.  It is a concrete example of how we can avoid producing more than 10 tons of plastic every year just by paying attention to what we do.

And we are already working to enrich our range of green products and are creating new projects to improve our impact in the world we work in.

Who are the people on the TIM team that worked to create this idea?

To work on the TIM Green project, we have worked as a group, combining marketing, sales, purchasing, operations, communications and sustainability competences. Each team member made a precious contribution, in both design and implementation terms. For example, some time ago a newly hired resource joined our Marketing team, a young girl with great creativity and initiative. With a service cell phone she was given the company SIM card and the first thing she asked was why it was all plastic. One of the first things she did was to work on producing an eco-friendly, sustainable, small SIM card. This is a concrete demonstration of how important results are often obtained thanks to personal sensitivity and people’s initiative.

The use of ICT services can bring 2030 back to 2015 emissions (GESI)

Source: Smart 2020 Report

10 %

of the world market of mobile terminals is reconditioned and sold second hand - Source: Centro Studi TIM, OMDIA

- 7.8 Gt

CO2e  the positive impact of ICT solutions in 2020 (5 times the footprint of this area)   - Source: Smart 2020 Report