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Pubblicità adattiva Urban Vision

Maxi-billboards go smart

Ad campaigns will adapt to the audience in the surrounding area.

05/08/2024 - 09:30 AM

The new era of advertising billboards starts in Rome. At Largo di Torre Argentina - one of the most visited squares in the capital - TIM and Urban Vision have implemented a solution that innovates advertising on digital outdoor maxi-billboards for the first time ever in Italy, by adapting the flow of advertising content in real time to the people passing through the area (Real time Out Of Home targeted advertising).

An initiative that will change urban communication, offering recipients the opportunity to enjoy increasingly contextualised advertising content, and advertisers to plan more effective communication campaigns than the solutions currently available on the market.  

This project is part of the partnership between TIM and Urban Vision Group - the leading creative-tech media company, pioneer in Out of Home advertising - following our Open Innovation model that focuses on industrial collaboration to accelerate technological innovation.

Specifically, this solution was possible thanks to the real-time, anonymous and aggregated use of data collected by TIM's mobile network. These data, supported by Urban Vision systems, enable much more effective ways of planning. An example of how data analytics (which we are employing also to plan new joint services) can generate new application opportunities in multiple fields.

This is a new element in TIM's Smart City model, whose aim is to implement innovative services to enhance urban spaces, while offering solutions to business customers and people.

Another project resulting from the collaboration between TIM and Urban Vision will further enhance the city area: the new "digital booth", whose launch is expected in 2024, will transform traditional telephone booths into a new-generation multi-service counter, offering infotainment, smartphone recharging, digital payments and ticketing, free calls to national landlines and mobile numbers, and much more to citizens.