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The most digital summer ever

This summer is digital-intensive for us all, whether off on holiday or staying behind in the city.

07/28/2020 - 12:38 PM

This summer is digital-intensive for us all, whether off on holiday or staying behind in the city. The lockdown experience has shown us how vital technology is in order to abide by the rules imposed by the health emergency without waving goodbye to our lives and habits.



Seaside or mountain holidays in Italy, always connected


These days, even before departure, the Internet is where you organise travel, including at the last minute, discover itineraries, check hotel facilities and reviews, and, of course, buy plane and rail tickets. Super quick and easy solutions from your PC or smartphone, like the Trenitalia app that lets you buy regional rail tickets with your TIM phone credit, with no need for cash or credit cards. And much more.

This year, many have decided to spend their holidays in Italy. Which is another chance to stay connected always and everywhere with TIM super-fast broadband that reaches 81% of the population with the fixed fibre optic network and 99% with the LTE mobile network. Whether you choose a seaside resort, like Positano or Taormina, or the mountains to enjoy the peaks of Cortina d’Ampezzo and Bruneck; whether you are visiting artistic and cultural gems, such as Assisi and San Gimignano, or kicking back and relaxing in a spa town like Chianciano Terme: you will always be able to have super-fast connection at your fingertips.

Tourism: never again without Big Data


However, we all know that organisational or logistical difficulties can happen when travelling around tourist attractions. Digital solutions come to our rescue in this case, too, by enabling the smart management of movements and also the distribution of flows of people and transport between places and events.

With TIM Big Data, local and central government can more effectively manage the situation in the region. Data from various sources are processed and used to analyse what is happening in the region, for example tourism flows, events and movements, enabling administrators to make real-time critical decisions on hospitality, safety and mobility.

And if the COVID-19 emergency has further pushed the world of innovation to seek ideas and solutions for the management of public spaces, TIM WCAP responded to the call by staging the Smart Spaces Hackathon, together with Google Cloud and CodeMotion. The award winners included two projects that allow people to experience the advantage of Big Data in this industry for themselves: ArtBeat, a proposal for the detection of crowds in museums and to prevent damage to works of art, and Jammed, a platform that checks how crowded public places are, predicting the best days and times to visit them.

Online relaxation, from music to home automation


Amongst other things, summer means fewer engagements and more time to devote to music, gaming and films. Now more than ever, these three activities are synonymous with “digital”.

In fact, while it is more difficult to enjoy live music this year, there are plenty of opportunities to do so online. With TIMMUSIC, everyone can find tunes and playlists for every moment and mood, as well as concerts and events to enjoy on demand, too. For those who want to have fun gaming, TIMGAMES offers solutions for the whole family, available via streaming on your home TV, but also on Android smartphones using Wi-Fi. And TIMVISION, the most complete TV platform on the Italian market, offers an extensive choice of films and television series, as well as the chance to access all Netflix and Disney+ content.


But don't forget that relaxation means peace of mind, too: with smart home solutions, you can monitor the situation at home from your smartphone using a straightforward app. And before heading home, you can turn on the air conditioning or other electrical appliances, remotely, for an ambience offering the utmost comfort on your return. Or, even more simple than that, you can order your shopping online for handy delivery to your home right when you need it. For a truly carefree summer from start to finish.

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