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Telecom Italia Analyst & Investor Briefing: 2007 Results & Strategic Guidelines

03/07/2008 - 08:45 PM

On Friday, March 7, 2008, the Telecom Italia Group met the financial community in Milan, at "Spazio Savona 56", Via Savona 56.

Telecom Italia Group strategies and goals for the 3-year period 2008-2010 illustrated to the financial community:

  • The Group’s industrial strategy recommences from its most important assets (the domestic market, Brazil, Germany, and Argentina) and will be based on its skills and disciplined financial management, thus re-launching the growth process
  • Cash generated by industrial activities will allow the Group to sustain an investment plan entailing approximately 15 billion euro in industrial investment, fair compensation of shareholders, and a gradual decrease in the debt/EBITDA ratio
  • In Italy, the Company aims to maintain leadership through: improving the level of service and enhancing the solidity of its brand, privileging quality and transparency in the sales process, and focusing on the customer in the supply of services, customer care, and post-sales support; fixed-line/mobile convergence; expansion into adjacent market sectors
  • Brazil remains a strategic area for the development of international business, due to the great success already achieved, technological excellence, and the quality of services offered. The goal is to maintain Leadership in mobile growth and further consolidate market positioning.



Presentation slides
2007 TI Group Results - Enrico Parazzini (file .pdf, 235 Kb)
TI Strategic Outlook - Franco Bernabè (file .pdf, 1.63 Mb)

Domestic Business Outlook (Telecommunication & Media panel)

Oscar Cicchetti (file .pdf, 236 Kb)
Luca Luciani (file .pdf, 1 Mb)
Pietro Labriola (file .pdf, 643 Kb)
Mauro Nanni (file .pdf, 425 Kb)
Gian Paolo Tagliavia (file .pdf, 530 Kb)

Technology & Operations - Stefano Pileri (file .pdf, 1.9 Mb)

International Business Outlook (panel)

Stefano Mazzitelli (file .pdf, 883 Kb)
Harald Rösch (file .pdf, 255 Kb)
Mario Cesar Araujo (file .pdf, 383 Kb)

Conference Call Transcript – March 7, 2008 (file .pdf, 332 KB)

Agenda (file .pdf, 110 KB)