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Carpooling for sustainable mobility

Starting in September at our Milan, Rome and Florence offices

08/05/2022 - 03:30 PM

Spreading behaviour based on a circular economy model that avoids wasting resources, making our colleagues' urban travel smarter and greener thanks to digital technologies, while also generating a positive impact in terms of economics, human relations and environmental sustainability on the commute.

This is the carpooling objective, which will be active from September at three TIM offices in Milan, Rome and Florence. It will be possible to use the Jojob Real Time Carpooling service developed by Bringme, winner of the TIM Challenge for Circular Economy.

It is a simple mechanism. TIM employees will be able to share the use of their car — normally underused compared to its transport capacity — and expenses with colleagues who need to travel to the same workplace. On the service app, one can view colleagues who have a similar route, get in touch with them via an integrated chat and book car rides, sharing the cost of petrol, tolls and parking. The total amount of expenses to be shared will be calculated automatically through a special algorithm, based on ACI tables, that takes into account the kilometres driven and the time spent. For each shared trip, it is also possible to obtain an exact calculation of the CO2 saved.

The carpooling service complements the various sustainable mobility options already available to TIM employees, such as public transport passes, company shuttles and the micro-mobility incentive.