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Festival dello Sviluppo Sostenibile 2024

Festival dello Sviluppo Sostenibile 2024

TIM looks to the future with ASviS.

05/03/2024 - 01:05 PM

TIM is once again supporting this year's Festival dello Sviluppo Sostenibile (Festival of Sustainable Development), Italy's largest initiative - promoted by the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASVIS) - to raise awareness and invite citizens, the younger generations, businesses, associations and institutions to take action when it comes to issues of economic, social and environmental sustainability.
The 2024 edition is accompanied by a new communication campaign, an invitation to open our eyes and look forward to the future

This year's Festival will again consist of numerous events, to be followed both online and locally.

It will start on 7 May in Ivrea with an event that will be attended by Enrica Danese, TIM's Director of Corporate Communication & Sustainability, as part of the “Looking to the future to change the present” panel, with the objective of bringing a contribution to the reflection on the role that the private sector has to play in fostering the transition towards sustainability, illustrating the main obstacles and identifying concrete integration solutions.

Also related to the theme of the future, this time focusing on the new horizons that smart cities open up for citizens and administrations, will be the speech by Susanna Jean, TIM Enterprise's 5G&IoT Marketing Manager, among the protagonists of the “Creating value for the cities of the future” panel on 15 May in Bologna.

The events that will be part of the Festival throughout the country also include the last stage of "Missione Ambiente - Generations at school for sustainability on 16 May in Venice, the project launched by TIM and ERG to raise awareness among secondary school students with specific in-depth sessions on sustainability, environmental protection and ecological transition.

The entire programme of events is available on the Festival website and it will be possible to follow the main events live via streaming.

Supporting ASviS is one of the many elements of our approach to sustainability, which aims to accelerate the sustainable growth of the economy and society, bringing value and well-being to people, companies and institutions.
Let us build a better future together by adopting more conscious and responsible individual and collective behaviour.