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Corporate operations

08/29/2022 - 01:00 PM

Framework agreement with Vodafone relating to INWIT

Merger of TIM into Telecom Italia

March 2006
Merger of Tim Italia into Telecom Italia

June 2005
Merger of Telecom Italia Mobile into Telecom Italia

Merger of Telecom Italia into Olivetti

August 2003
Merger by incorporation of Telecom Italia into Olivetti

Restructuring of Internet activities and IT sector

July 2006
Merger by incorporation of Nuova into Telecom Italia

December 2005
Restructuring project of the Internet business of the Group

December 2005
Merger of Telecom Italia Data Center, ISM and WebFin into Telecom Italia

October 2004
Merger of IT Telecom and Epiclink into Telecom Italia

Other corporate operations

Sale of Liberty Surf Group Sas to Iliad S.A.

Merger by incorporation of Progetto Italia into Telecom Italia

August 2005
Public Tender Offer on Liberty Surf Group shares